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Stone Chip Repair


Fast & Affordable

Here are some general rules auto glass shops use to determine whether or not to replace a windshield or repair it.

  • If the chip is larger than a quarter usually a Replacement is needed
  • Is there any cracks outside the radius of a quarter?
  • When safety is in question, like chips or cracks that are in the line of sight of the driver because repairs are not 100% invisible
  • More than three chips or cracks

**Stone Chip Repairs are to restore structural integrity and not for cosmetic purpose although the damaged area tends to clear up about 70%, there's no guarantee it will look better or that the glass won't break while performing repair.**

What Issues Can Result From A Bad Chip Or Crack Repair?

With a bad repair, you may experience shrinkage to the pit, the area turning yellow, or the windshield cracking more. Not all resins are alike, and more important, the tools and techniques used to apply the resin can make a huge difference in the quality of the repair.

Besides the bad repair, a chip or crack can expand unexpectedly with quick fluctuations in temperature changes (cranking up the AC or heater), and bumpy road conditions.